Baby Proofing Vancouver

Looking for professional baby proofing company? We got you covered!

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You can fill out the form and one of our professional child proofers will be in touch with you shortly.

Baby Proofing Vancouver

Looking for professional baby proofing company? We got you covered!

Give us a call right away!

You can fill out the form and one of our professional child proofers will be in touch with you shortly.


Home Assessments

A quick, accurate way to have trained professionals identify any hidden dangers in your home that you might not even know about.

Quick Installation

It is possible to childproof your home in just one day. Our professional installers will install the correct products in your home for you.

Creating Safer Homes

A wide range of products are required for proper baby proofing. We always stand behind our work and only sell and install high-quality products.


You will have peace of mind if you baby proof your condo or house. Babies typically learn very first in their first year. Seeing how soon babies start to explore their world is always a welcome surprise for parents. You need to baby proof your house before this happens to guarantee the safety of your child and allow yourself to relax. You can trust Kiddie Proofed Vancouver to help you choose the best products. You won’t find most of the products we use to baby proof your house in retail stores.


We have worked with numerous families over the past 5+ years, love what we do, and this is quite evident with the glowing testimonials and reviews from clients. Our baby proofin professionals are highly trained and insured. All the members of our Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver team undergo extensive background checks.

You can relax and have peace of mind with our expert installation of:

  • Door and cabinet drawer locks
  • Custom stair solutions with baby safety gates
  • Electrical safety outlet plates in different colours
  • Furniture restraints for bookcases, chest of drawers and more
  • Interior and exterior childproof door latches
  • Various other items related to child safety depending on your needs

Your top concern as a parent is the safety of your baby, toddler, or infant. Identifying the hidden hazards in the house and buying the right baby safety equipment is usually the most frustrating part of baby proofing.

Avoid wasting money and time running back and forth to retail stores buying poor quality cabinet latches, baby gates, and other safety-first products that are not only hard to install, never work properly, but also break easily. Trust Kiddie Proofed Vancouver to identify hidden hazards in your home and install only the best quality baby safety products you can find.

We have a selection of child safety items safer, that’s easier to use, and more durable than what you will find at big-box retailers such as Walmart and Babies R Us. We get rid of all the guesswork and install the right cabinet latches, baby gates, and other safety products correctly the first time. Kiddie Proofed helps minimize the hazards in your home, prevents costly damage, and helps ease your frustration so that you will know the job is done properly the first time.


Our in-home consultation is the ideal place for you to start baby proofing your home. We will go room by room with you and a checklist. The consultation is a 2-way conversation where we offer a recommendation, provide some options, show you some samples, and you can make an informed decision regarding the safety of your family.

We will then provide a quote for baby proofing your home. You should take your time before you make the final decision regarding baby proofing your home to avoid making ‘rushed decisions.’ We will then return at a time that’s convenient for you to install the items you select in a professional way.

When you call Kiddie Proofed Vancouver, baby-proofing your house is simple. We use only the best products and our professional installation of cabinet locks, baby safety gates, electrical solutions, furniture restraints, etc. ensures that everything is done properly. We usually complete baby-proofing projects in just a day.


Why Should You Hire Kiddie Proofed Vancouver?

We started Kiddie Proofed primarily because of the frustration we encountered while trying to make our own home safe for the baby. When we set out to childproof the house, we did what any responsible parent would do, which is to head over to the local store to buy child safety devices.

We were surprised to discover that the knowledge of employees was lacking, the selection of products was poor, and the quality of the merchandise was mediocre. We returned hom disappointed, searched online and browsed through catalogues. I ordered the items I needed and they arrived 10 days later.

While most of the products were of good quality, most either required some extensive knowledge to install or didn’t fit properly. We also spent a lot on shipping costs. Once we found some that worked, we would still spend all weekend performing the installation and thought to ourself that there has to be a better way. You might be surprised to learn that I have baby proofed countless homes after the best intentions of my customer to do it themselves. Leaving multiple holes in handrails and drilling holes through kitchen cabinets, they just wish that they had first called us.

Kiddie Proofed Vancouver can help save you the hassle of searching and shopping for the right products and the inconvenience of returning the wrong one. We are experienced professional installers who have the equipment and tools needed and can complete childproofing a typical home in 2 to 5 hours. Leaving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

Will You Install Products I Already Purchased?

If the items that you bought meet our quality and safety standards, and are designed to work properly in your home, we are more than happy to install the products that you purchased. Keep in mind, however, that there are many inferior and poorly made childproofing products that easily break, are difficult to use, and even harder to install.

Baby safety gates and cabinet latches tend to be highly specific for where they ought to be installed, which means that not all latches and gates will work properly in every situation. You need to have the right products to ensure that they function properly for your home. Kiddie Proofed Vancouver tries and tests all products before installing them in your home to ensure that they meet our rigid safety standards.

Why Do People Use Our Services?

Top Reasons Provided:

  • My paediatrician referred me.
  • I was unable to find quality safety products in regular stores.
  • I’m not sure about the hidden hazards that might be in my home.
  • I am simply not handy with tools.
  • I don’t have time to do the baby proofing myself.
  • I have purchased several baby gates but none worked properly.
  • I don’t want to damage my handrails and walls installing baby gates.
  • I was referred by a friend who was pleased with the service they received.
How Long Is the Installation Likely to Take?

Other companies might take one complete day to childproof your home, but Kiddie Proofed
Vancouver can do it in 2 to 5 hours depending on the size of your home. We are very organized,
efficient, and experienced, and do most of the pre-work on our own time. We strive to eliminate
inconveniencing you to the greatest extent possible.

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